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20greatways_1875x2775Toni’s FREE Book 20 Great Ways to Raise Great Kids will help you:

  • Find solutions to the top 10 parenting challenges so your kids behave like saints.
  • Pry your kids away from electronics so you can connect in more meaningful ways.
  • Reduce your stress so you enjoy your kids more.
  • Create a balanced life so you have time to connect with your spouse and pursue passions of your own.
  • Get your kids to bed on time and with ease so you gain back valuable time for yourself.
  • Gain over 200 practical tips from 27 experts and 10 wise parents for raising a great kid.

Why is Toni giving away this book?

1. So your family can be happier and more peaceful. Toni’s mission is to help parents, like you, find solutions that work to challenges you’re facing.  By giving the book away free, it will be accessible to all parents.

2. There’s absolutely no obligation, but if you wish, you can make a donation to help prevent child abuse. My goal is to raise $25,000 for The Family Enhancement Center whose mission is to prevent child abuse so more children can grow up in safe, loving, homes.


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If you’re a busy parent who wants one-stop shopping on how to raise great kids in today’s complex society and gain practical solutions to your most nagging parenting problems, then ENTER YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS in the box at the top of the page for instant access.

You’ll find practical solutions for nagging problems like getting your kids to listen, back talk, bedtime struggles, mealtime hassles, overuse of electronics, and getting chores done. You’ll discover tools to help you evaluate whether you’re overindulging, overscheduling, or over-nurturing your kids so you can ensure their success rather than harm them in unexpected ways. You’ll also gain a road map for reducing stress and creating a balanced life where your own needs are consciously integrated into family life for greater happiness.

Praise for 20 Great Ways to Raise Great Kids

“It should be on every parent’s book shelf…”

“What a treasure for parents! Toni Schutta has distilled the best parenting advice from the nation’s top experts into this easy-to-read book that covers all the issues that puzzle and worry parents. It should be on every parent’s book shelf.” David Walsh, Ph.D. Psychologist and Author of Why Do They Act That Way? A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen

“I will give this book to every parent in our network!”

“Toni’s book is the ESSENTIAL handbook for raising a happy & successful child for us parents struggling to keep our heads above water. Toni has assembled a mastermind group of experts who compassionately and generously provide relevant, simple tips on everyday challenges we face, including how to manage “screen time”, get respect from our kids, and be the consistent and strong role models we want to be. Toni’s guidance has been essential for my husband and I to grow as loving parents who discipline consistently, set age-appropriate boundaries and high expectations while allowing our boys to curiously explore the world and develop uniquely with our support. I will give this book to every parent in our network!” Erin Owen, mother of two boys, and author of Refuel Recharge Reenergize: The Conscious Entrepreneur’s Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Time and Energy

“I found myself saying, “I can do that!” numerous times…”

“20 Great Ways to Raise Great Kids offers practical, no-nonsense ideas that can be applied immediately to parenting situations. Busy parents want the “how-to’s” as well as the “why’s” of parenting tips and this resource provides both. In a world where parents can get overwhelmed with information, I appreciated the simplicity and practicality of this resource. Many of the topics resonated with me and I found myself saying, “I can do that!” numerous times as I read through this book.” Beth Quist, Director, Lifetrack’s Employee & Family Education Services

“Jam-packed with parenting wisdom…”

“This concise, accessible book is jam-packed with parenting wisdom gleaned from interviews with top parenting experts (and creative parents) from across the country. Are you longing for better sleep, more caring and cooperative children, less stress and more joy for you and your family? You will find encouragement and practical strategies here! “ Marti Erickson, Ph.D., Director Emerita, Harris Training Programs in Children’s Mental Health, University of Minnesota, and co-host of Mom Enough® (www.momenough.com)

“You are guaranteed to walk away with priceless knowledge and practical tips…”

“Toni Schutta asks leading experts in the field of parenting and relationships questions we ALL struggle with as parents yearning to create healthy families in a culture that has demoted the importance of family life. This book is succinctly organized so you can pinpoint topics relevant to your needs. You are guaranteed to walk away with priceless knowledge and practical tips as well as the underlying motivation to create the changes you desire!” Christy Anderson Jacob, Ph.D., L.P., mother of seven