Each year, I like to incorporate at least one act of “thanks” into our Thanksgiving celebration. Last year, when we entertained a family with seven kids, we made a gratefulness paper chain that was a big hit. Two years ago, when my husband’s family visited, we created a gratefulness table cloth. Here are three ideas to consider, but I’d love to hear about some of your ideas, too!

Gratefulness Paper Chain

Gather the supplies – fall-colored construction paper cut into link sized strips, markers and glue sticks — and have everyone write down one thing they’re grateful for on each strip (encourage them to write multiple items) Then glue each link to the next forming a chain. If many people participate or if people write multiple items, you’ll have a long chain of things to be grateful for that you can hang as a decoration close to the Thanksgiving dinner table.

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Card Game

To facilitate the thankful spirit, create gratitude cards using scrapbooking paper and supplies. Cut out cards from scrapbooking papers using decorative-edge scissors and have the kids decorate them with stamps, stickers, etc. Give the cards to guests before dinner and ask them to write what they’re thankful for. As the meal begins to wind down, ask people to share their thoughts.
(Idea from: http://www.bhg.com/thanksgiving/crafts/easy-and-creative-ways-to-give-thanks-at-thanksgiving/)

Gratefulness Table Cloth

Have you ever been to restaurants where the table is lined with white butcher block paper so the kids can draw on the table to pass the time before dinner arrives? Well, one year we incorporated the idea for our Thanksgiving celebration. We drew a few Thanksgiving pictures on the long butcher block sheet to start the creative process off, and then we had each guest write all sorts of things they were grateful for using fall-colored markers we provided. It was fun to see what everyone was grateful for.


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