Imagine if Your Kids Listened to You the First Time, Back Talk Disappeared, You Stopped Yelling, and You Learned How to Magically Calm Your Kids When They’re Upset…

A Peaceful, Harmonious Family Can Be Yours

Perhaps you’ve dreamt of having a happier family where...

  • Your kids do something the first time that you ask.

  • You calmly respond to misbehavior with parenting strategies that work.

  • You hear positive, respectful communication instead of back talk and yelling.

  • You feel confident knowing you have the right parenting tools to raise respectful, responsible kids.

  • You’re all working together as a team.

But right now, you might be feeling overwhelmed, STUCK and discouraged because you’ve tried everything you can think of to get your kids to listen, obey you and treat you with respect… and you've been disappointed with your results. In fact, you’re worn out.

You’re not alone! I've helped thousands of parents like you get HUGE results from my parenting programs and one-on-one private coaching.

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Happier Family for You Coaching Session.


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I’m Toni Schutta, a parent coach, licensed psychologist and author who’s been helping parents find solutions that work for 22 years.

Together, we’ll explore your biggest parenting challenges and roadblocks that keep you stressed out and frustrated with your kids.

During your Happier Family for You Coaching Session, you’ll receive expert parenting advice and a personalized parenting plan for your family.

We’ll meet one-on-one, by telephone, at no cost and together we will create solutions that can work for you.
You’ll leave the planning session with:

Written positive outcomes for a happier family.

A new awareness of what’s causing many of the challenges in your parenting right now (they may not be what you think!).

Parenting strategies that work.

A renewed sense of energy about turning around your parenting challenges.

A next-step action plan for moving your family into the next phase of happiness, connection and peace.


You’ll leave the session feeling hopeful, inspired and re-energized about your family and how you can be happier.

My schedule fills up quickly! Please apply now if you’re serious about dramatically reducing the conflicts in your family and getting results that will help your family smile more often, have more fun and be happier.

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