ChoresWars“How to Win The Chore Wars: Set Up an Effective Chore System” Webinar: Mon, June 16, Noon CT

Ever have problems with getting your kids to do chores? Summer if a perfect time to set up an effective chore system so this month in the Raise Great Kids Community you can get answers for setting up a chore system that works.

This 60-minute class will give you tips on how to motivate your kids, how to make chores fun and how to keep your plan working!

Research has revealed that one of the most important predictors of your child’s success as a young adult is whether s/he participated in household chores! Attend this teleclass and you will get your child’s feet on the path to success and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner home!!

Attend this Teleclass and You Will:

  • Teach Your Child Important Life Skills.
  • Stop Nagging Your Kids.
  • Get Chores Done with Less Struggle.
  • Have Fun Doing Chores Together. (I’m not kidding!)
  • Stay on Top of Clutter.

To take advantage of this important webinar (Which is also recorded so you can listen to it at your convenience) join the Raise Great Kids Community here and receive all the other great benefits listed below:

Benefits of Membership in the Raise Great Kids Community:

  1. Gain One Essential Parenting Skill per Month – Once a month via a live webinar you’ll learn one essential skill for raising a great child, so your child can be respectful, kind, responsible, money-wise, strong, confident, resilient, and ultimately successful. The topics are based on research findings with skills kids need to be successful. The skills I teach you are practical, actionable, and easy-to-implement. Here are a few of the upcoming topics:Win the Chore Wars! Set Up an Effective Chore System
    Money Matters: Teach Your Kids the Value of a Buck
    48 Best Tips for School Success

    (Replays of all classes are available so you can watch classes at your convenience and study guides give you a lasting record, too.) ($29 value)

  2. Free Parenting Advice – Once a month you receive an exclusive members-only coaching session where you can ask me ANY parenting question you have and I will help you via conference call. Other parents are also there with wisdom and support for you. ($150 Value)
  3. Membership in a Community of Like-Minded Parents. You can find support for parenting issues from deeply committed parents who only want the best for their kids, too, right on the private parenting forum.
  4. Information at Your Fingertips – A bank of over 100 parenting articles provides you with answers you need when you need them from a reliable source. Parenting videos are also available.

Join us now and receive these special bonuses:

Bonus Gift #1: “How to Pry Your Kids Away from Electronics” webinar from Toni Schutta, the Parent Coach Who Gets Results. ($29 value)

Bonus Gift #2: “Conquer Your Inner Critic Now!” gift package from Doris Helge, Ph.D., Certified Coach and Author. (Value: $397)

Bonus Gift #3: “Kidz Cyber Safety, Practical Tips and Tools to Keep Your Kids and Family Safe” webinar with Social Media Expert Sandy Zeiszler. ($29 value)

Bonus Gift #4: “Ease Your Worries” Parenting Meditation from Tracy Becker, Transformational Coach, Licensed Counselor and Educator. (Value: $29)

Bonus Gift #5: “Be Your Own Stress Reduction Therapist: Tools for Parents and Kids.” Charlotte Reznick, Ph.D, is an internationally-known workshop leader, author and child education psychologist. ($29 value)

Total Value: $692

The investment for joining the Raise Great Kids Community and raising a great child? $29 per month which comes with my iron-clad guarantee. If for any reason you’re not 100% happy being a member of the Raise Great Kids Community you can cancel your membership at any time. Join now!:

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