Grab the Yoga Mat with Your Kids!

Grab the Yoga Mat with Your Kids!

I had the pleasure recently of meeting with Jessica Rosenberg, an experienced yoga instructor and national speaker. I had read that sometimes yoga poses such as donkey pose and jumping tree can help tame a child’s anger. I wanted to talk with Jessica about the benefits of kids’ yoga. One of the reasons that I chose Jessica is that she has spent lots of time working with kids and developed a free yoga app called the Adventures of Super Stretch that features 12 yoga poses. The app gets downloaded about 6,000 times per month and was named Best App for Kids by Appolicious. Here’s a link to learn more about the free app: .

Also, here’s an article that Jessica wants to share about the benefits of kids’ yoga is you’d like to take it further.

The Benefits of Yoga for Children

The benefits of yoga for children are immeasurable. I’ve seen amazing transformations in people, young and old, in my 10 years of teaching wellness classes with The Adventures of Super Stretch. Relaxation, visualization and fitness enhance every aspect of a person’s life. The yoga postures, breathing and movements especially help children to develop physically, emotionally and psychologically allowing them to do the best that they can be.
Through the practice of yoga children learn to:
 Increase flexibility and improve coordination
 Develop concentration
 Reduce and manages stress
 Develop self-awareness and confidence and teach them to be aware of obstacles and challenges along their path
 Develop strong, flexible bodies
 Explore and express their creativity
 Develop self-respect and respect for others
 Teach self-control and body awareness
 Develop trust to believe in themselves and to tap into their inner strengths and powers
 Cultivate good character traits
 Take time to be still, creating space to BE and not always do which allows children to learn to listen to themselves and others
The Adventures of Super Stretch Yoga fitness is a great tool to use to teach the joy of physical activity, wellness and breathing tools to children.They will use the skills that they learn through Adventures of Super Stretch™off the mat for the rest of their lives. Creating strong bodies, clear minds and pure hearts. Just stretch, breathe, enjoy the magical journey and ‘Make NamasTe a Part of Your Day’!  Here’s the link for the free app: .


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