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Toni Schutta is an exceptional speaker who inspires parents with her presentations by including real-life stories that teach, research that motivates, and practical solutions that work so parents can take immediate action to solve their biggest challenges. Toni has received perfect and near-perfect rating from parents and professionals in 100s of venues.

“Toni is the best presenter we have ever had in our lunchtime seminars. Please invite her back!” Kim Nelson, Securian Financial Group, Inc.

“Awesome. Extremely expert presenter with very helpful information.” Jamil Jabr, Coordinator, Fathers-4-Justice

“I had the pleasure of hearing Toni Schutta speak at St. Stephens. Toni did a masterful job combining research that provided the context for the parenting concerns she shared, practical solutions that I could use right away with my children, and real-life stories from parents who’ve used the techniques to illustrate how the positive parenting techniques could be used with success. She’s one of the best parenting speakers I’ve heard in a long time. I would highly recommend that you hire Toni to speak at your organization.” Jeanette Burke, Parent, St. Stephens

“I just wanted to let you know that this has been, hands down, the single best series of classes I’ve ever attended. Please bring Toni back SOON!!! Thank you!” Andrea B. Hedtke, Dorsey & Whitney

“I work with over 150 speakers, booking them in learning environments such as corporations. I can tell you that Toni has been consistently rated one of the top 3 speakers in the last 10 years we’ve worked together. Toni is an engaging speaker who gives fun and informative presentations which provide practical ideas and excellent resources.  Participants categorize Toni as an “outstanding speaker” and her seminars as “high quality presentations.” Corporate clients and parents both love Toni’s presentations.” Beth Quist, Director of Education Services, Lifetrack.

Toni Schutta
Parenting Speaker


Toni Schutta is an author, national speaker, parent coach, and licensed psychologist, who connects with parents wherever she speaks. With warmth, empathy and 22 years’ experience, Toni helps parents find solutions that work. She’s known for providing practical tips that parents can use immediately.


Current Topics for Keynote Addresses, Breakout Sessions, Half-Day and Full-Day Workshops, Retreats and Seminars:

Are You Parenting for Success or Setting Your Kids Up for Failure? 5 Must-Have Strategies for Raising Great Kids

Research tells us that nearly 50% of college students suffer from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, binge drinking and eating disorders. Those astounding numbers indicate that you need to be parenting differently now so you can raise a child who’s loving, kind, responsible, strong, confident and successful as a young adult. Parenting strategies that you’re using today, in the moment, will have far-reaching results for your child’s success.

FFC Button-FirstTime Get Your Child to Listen the FIRST Time!

“My child doesn’t listen the first time that I ask” is one of the most common parenting complaints. This class offers 23 different options that parents can use to derail their child’s defiance and get results to lower their stress level. This is an extremely popular class for parents.


The 7 Worst Mistakes that Parents Make (And How to Avoid Them!)

Every parent wants the best for his/her child. Yet, without knowing it, many parents today are parenting in a way that leaves kids unprepared for the challenges of college and work. The 7 Worst Mistakes that parents are unwittingly making will be revealed along with practical solutions that parents can use immediately to correct these common errors, bring greater joy to parenting and raise happy, successful children.

FFC Button- Power StrugglesKey Strategies for Reducing Power Struggles with Your Kids

Whether your child is 3 or 13 you can get locked into power struggles that often result in angry exchanges. You lock in. Your child locks in and no one “wins.” Attend this class and you will: learn a classic mistake many parents make so you can avoid most power struggles; find solutions that work for the top five power struggles; and implement positive communication strategies that will bring you more cooperation from your child without a struggle.

“How to Raise a Kind-Hearted Child in a Selfie Culture”

Children have always been self-centered but add selfie sticks, Instagram, Facebook posts, etc. and you’ll find that kids are more self-centered than ever. In fact, researchers at the University of San Diego note a 30% increase in narcissism in incoming college freshmen. What’s a parent to do? This class offers 7 actionable strategies that you can choose from to get your kids on the path to kindness and increased empathy that are as easy as ABC to apply.

“The 3 Best Ways to Stay Close to Your Child Their Whole Life”

What’s more important than being close to your child? In the busy-ness of today’s world, however, you may find yourself spending lots of time driving your kids from activity to activity, multi-tasking when you are home and trying to get to your giant to-do list.  Yet, time spent with parents is the number one protective factor in keeping your child emotionally safe and happy. This class will provide 3 strategies that will bring you closer now, and in the future, even if you’re a little short on time. These methods are guaranteed to fill up your child’s “love cup” and will feel great for you, too.

“Stress Relief for Kids: 5 Stress-Busters Parents and Caregivers Can Teach Children”

Children are feeling stressed in record numbers.  Is your child one of them?  Yet, 85% of kids say, “My parents are unaware of my stress.” It’s up to adults to change the root causes and teach children coping strategies so they’ll be more resilient. Learn what the signs and symptoms of kids’ stress are and how to respond in helpful ways to your child. This presentation will provide the reasons behind this silent epidemic, four actionable steps that parents and care providers can take, and 5 specific skills that children can be taught to reduce and manage stress.  Left untreated, chronic stress can contribute to psychological and physical problems so come get the tools you need now to stop and prevent this growing problem.

Top 5 Stress Busters for Working Parents

Working parents often feel guilty, overwhelmed, and stressed. This presentation provides you with solutions for: getting out the door on time so you start your mornings calmer with less stress; ensuring adequate sleep for your child which is critical for brain development, school performance, behavior and mood; completing homework with ease so you have more time for fun with your kids; and preventing over-scheduling so you avoid burnout …all actionable strategies to help you be happier at home and more productive and focused while at work.

Live the Life You Want: 7 Steps to Increasing Your Happiness and Fulfillment

Do you have a road map you follow for bringing more happiness and fulfillment to your life or are you passively reacting to what life sends your way? It’s easy to get stuck in lackluster ruts and routines. Perhaps you’d rather take an active role in enhancing your happiness on a daily basis? This inspirational, hands-on presentation will help you examine your life and how happy you are with your current choices.  Tools for examining choices will be provided along with seven actionable steps to take to live the life you want. You’ll leave with a concrete plan for increasing your happiness.

FFC Button-WhiningNowCurb Back Talk, Whining and More!

For many parents, back talk and whining rate highly on the irritation scale. Learn how you can improve the way that you and your child communicate so you’ll both be happier!


The New Self Esteem: Create a Mindset for Success in Your Child!

In this class, you’ll learn: the secret to helping your child be more successful in school, athletics and life; how your words of praise may be harming your child; and two critical life skills your child must have. This presentation explores the ground-breaking work of world-renowned Stanford psychologist, Carol Dweck. In decades of research, Dweck studied factors that help kids succeed or fail. Her research found that creating a “mindset” for success, which she calls a growth mindset, is the foundation for motivating kids in school, attaining their goals and becoming successful in life. Using real-life examples, you’ll receive eight concrete ways to create a growth mindset in your child. Two other mindsets: “I am Responsible for My Behavior” and “I Can Name and Claim My Feelings” are also explored along with teaching you a problem-solving method and goal setting strategy so your kids can learn these valuable life skills, too.

Mean Girls (And Boys): Here’s What a Parent Can Do to Stop Bullying

Has your child come home sad and distraught because a peer was mean? Perhaps your child was called a name? Criticized? It’s painful to watch your child suffer from the taunts of another child. You may have wondered, “What’s the best way to handle this?” The best response is to empower your child. This class has 14 strategies that you can teach your child to get the results your child needs.

FFCButton-MeltdownsNo More Meltdowns (For You or Your Child!)

Has your child had a tantrum lately, thrown toys across the room or hit a sibling? Odds are that s/he has! Children’s anger can be exacerbating for parents. Come to this class to learn common triggers for a child’s anger, solutions for coping, and skills to teach your child so you’ll both be less frazzled!

FFC Button-ReliefRelief for Homework Headaches

This is a parenting class designed to help parents solve the most common homework problems. Parents will learn how the homework brain works, methods for identifying their child’s learning style and ways to make learning fun. Parents will leave the class with strategies for motivating their child, plans for creating rituals that provide consistency and a “checklist for change.” Come to “school” for 75 minutes and find relief that will last throughout the year!

FFC Button-DisciplinePlanCreate a Discipline Plan that Works!

Consistent discipline is the bedrock of good parenting, yet many parents struggle to be consistent and find positive discipline methods that work. In this two-part class, you’ll learn 10 different positive discipline options to use with children 3-12 years of age. You’ll develop a personalized discipline plan for your family that will increase positive behaviors and decrease negative behaviors. Come and find new solutions to nagging problems.

Strong-willed, Intense, Distractible Kids? Find Solutions for ‘Spirited Kids’

Is one of your kids giving you a run for your money? Baffled as to why s/he can’t get with the program? It could be a temperamental trait that’s making it tough to parent this child. Come to this class to learn the nine temperamental traits, complete a free assessment and learn how to work with temperament rather than against it so you and your child can both be more successful.

FFC Button-TransitionsHelping Your Child with Transitions

From starting kindergarten to getting dressed in the morning to the death of a loved one, your child will experience numerous transitions and losses during life. Find out the best tools for helping your child move through the process of change so you both feel less stress!


FFC Button-EQEQ: Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Child

Research studies are documenting that a child’s “emotional intelligence” is a better predictor of success than their IQ. Emotional intelligence is a learned response and parents are the best teachers. In this class, you’ll practice three methods for becoming an “emotion coach” parent so you can raise your child’s emotional intelligence!

Parents: Reclaim Your Family Time!

Research has proven that time spent with parents is one of the key protective factors in raising a well-adjusted child. Yet, many societal influences are pulling our families apart. This two-hour seminar is for parents who want to reclaim their family time, would like concrete tools for making family time the number one priority and want to bring their family even closer.

FFC Button-MoneyMattersTeaching Your Child the Value of a Buck

Raising a child to be a fiscally responsible adult takes training from a young age. Learn how to get your child on the path to financial success with real-life, easy-to-implement strategies.

FFC Button-ChoreWarsHow to Win the Chore Wars and Find Peace in the Family

Ever have problems with your children doing chores? This 60-minute class will give you tips on how to motivate your kids, how to make it fun and hot to keep your plan working! Recent research has uncovered that one of the most important predictors of your child’s success as a young adult is whether they participated in household chores! Participate in this class to get your child’s feet on the path to success and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner home!!

Balanced and Lovin’ It: 8 Key Strategies for Improving Work Life Balance

Feeling torn in different directions? Riddled by guilt? Rarely have time for yourself? This two-part class will help you examine your life and how happy you are with your current choices. Tools for assessing balance will be provided along with tips on how to take steps to live the life you want. (A one-part class is available, too.)

FFC Button-ReclaimParents: Reclaim Your Couple Time!

In today’s busy world, many couples find their lives revolving around their children’s activities. Time to connect as a couple seems like a luxury few can afford. If you’re a couple who’d like to reclaim time with your spouse, please join us for this class. This 2-hour class will allow couples to focus on each other, and to develop a concrete plan to enrich their lives together. (Please note that a 1-hour class is available, too.)

The Definitive Primer for Prying Your Kids Away from Electronics.

How many hours a day do your kids spend glued to electronic gadgets?  Did you know that overuse of media is literally changing the structure of your child’s brain and reducing their ability to be empathetic and read social cues? Not many parents do. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children over the age of two spend two hours or less per day on electronics, yet the average American child ages 8-18 spends over eight hours per day on multiple forms of media. If you’d like to wean your kids off of electronics so they can connect more with you, get off the couch and pursue other hobbies, come to this class to receive a step-by-step action plan for reducing media use, discover the four best-kept secrets for getting results, and ensure that you’re keeping your child safe online.

SleepDeprivedReduce Bedtime Hassles and Increase Your Child’s Sleep

More than 72 million American kids aren’t getting enough sleep. Is your child one of them? Quality sleep is critical for brain development, school performance, behavior and mood. If your child isn’t getting enough sleep everyone suffers. Pick up important strategies for increasing sleep so your child will go to bed and stay in bed. You’ll receive a 13-point checklist, a get-ready-map and sleep inducing rituals that work.

40 Tips for Back-to-School Success

You want your child to have the best school year ever so lay the groundwork BEFORE school starts to maximize success.  Learn how you can boost success by: reducing bedtime hassles so your child is well-rested; developing morning strategies that get you out the door on time; gaining organizational ideas that rein in all the paperwork school brings; planning nutritious breakfasts that pack the most energy for learning; and helping your child reduce anxiety and feel secure in the transition to a new grade.

5-Part Parent Education Programs

“I just wanted to let you know that this has been, hands down, the single best series of classes I’ve ever attended. Please bring Toni back SOON!!! Thank you!” Andrea B. Hedtke

“Toni is a wonderful and caring instructor and person – we were so lucky to have her as our instructor.” Annette Arce

“We have had the privilege of working with Toni Schutta numerous times at General Mills. Each and every time parents have been very happy with the classes and in fact, for the 5-part series’ that Toni has presented at General Mills, the parents gave her perfect marks! She’s knowledgeable, warm and easy for parents to approach. We couldn’t be happier with the work that Toni has done for us.” Lisa Taylor, President, General Mills’ Parenting Club

Option 1: Raise a Responsible Child 5-Part Series
Option 2: Parenting Together 5-Part Series
Option 3: How to Handle Tough Parenting Challenges 5-Part Series

Raise a Responsible Child 5-Part Series

Class 1: “The New Self-Esteem: Creating a Mindset for Success in Your Child”
Class 2: “Money Matters! Teach Your Child the Value of a Buck”
Class 3: “How to Win the Chore Wars and Find Peace in the Family”
Class 4: “EQ: Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Child”
Class 5: “Homework Success”

Parenting Together 5-Part Series

Class 1: “Keeping Attachment Strong”
Class 2: “Get Your Child to Listen the FIRST Time!”
Classes 3 and 4: “Create a Discipline Plan that Works”
Class 5: “Proven Strategies for Reducing Sibling Hassles”

How to Handle Tough Parenting Challenges 5-Part Series

Class 1: “How Understanding Your Child’s Temperament Can Make You a Better Parent”
Class 2: “Children’s Anger: Triggers and Solutions for Coping”
Class 3: “How to Reduce Back Talk and Whining”
Class 4: “Got Defiance? 21 Ways to Gain More Compliance”
Class 5: “Helping Your Child with Transitions



Toni’s class is brilliant! I had several breakthroughs in an hour that will really help me with my son! Thank you so much!” S.K., Working Family Resource Center Evaluation

“Your class was filled with lots of parent interaction. You valued our responses and were so positive. You were never preachy and used humor and real-life experiences to bring your points across. Thanks!” Sue Navratil

“I know of an excellent resource for parenting seminars here in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area – Toni Schutta. Toni did a session for our employees and they loved her and the content in her materials.” Angela Spinler

I thought this series of classes was great! I’ve made many changes to my parenting as a result of this class. I’m connecting on a deeper level with my kids and telling them more often how special they are to me. I’m looking at anger triggers in myself and with my children and we’re having fewer outbursts. I’m incorporating ideas for increasing their self-esteem, which will be a life-long gift for me to give them. Thanks so much for everything.” Diane Esch

I think everything covered in the class was useful! I particularly like the real-life experiences that people shared, the topics on self-esteem, positive discipline and the suggested reading materials. It was a very good class for me to take. I feel more confident in approaching tough parenting choices, our family is having more fun and I’m regularly using new ways to show my family that I love them. We’ve had a reduction in whining, my daughter has fewer meltdowns and we do not hear an automatic “no” to our requests anymore, which is good!” Marcie Meyer

“I’ve attended several of Toni’s parenting classes and she puts A LOT of useful information in each class, addresses everyone’s questions, and keeps the class moving along. I felt like I had a one-on-one counseling session in a group setting! I left each class with something I could take home and implement into our family life right away.” Trish Pitcher


Toni Schutta is a National Speaker, Author, Radio Host, Parent Coach and Licensed Psychologist with a Master’s Degree in Psychology and 22 years’ experience helping families find solutions that work. She’s been featured in national media such as Parents, First for Women, and Woman’s World and is a frequent guest on radio and TV shows. She’s the mother of two wonderful children and a certified graduate of the Mentor Coach Foundations Program. Individual parent coaching sessions are also available.

To book a class, please call Toni Schutta at 612-810-8687 or send an email to:

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