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A common thread among moms I’ve been meeting is STRESS!! A working mom tells me she just can’t handle it all. She’s exhausted. A stay-at-home mom tells me she can’t get a moment’s peace. She just wants to get away from it all. Another mom is stressed because her kids aren’t listening to her and she’s sick of repeating herself all day.

Stress, stress, stress. This isn’t how parenting is supposed to be.

When we’re stressed our body releases cortisol. We don’t think as clearly, we get stomachaches, headaches, and we don’t sleep well. We’re also more grouchy to our kids and spouse. Then our kids get stressed from our stress and end up with the same symptoms.

In my next three posts, I’d like to share several ideas for you to reduce your parenting stress.

Today, I’ll share an app. The reason that I started with an app is it’s easy. It will fit into your busy day. You can put the app on your phone and have a relaxing moment when you need it. If you have just a few minutes while you’re picking your child up or dropping them off, you can make a brief escape and unwind.

This app’s even free. It’s called  GPS4Soul.

First, the app measures your stress and gives you a reading. Today, the app told me that I’m “balanced.” Then, you can pick a “guide” to watch and listen to. I chose 3 today.  One was called, “Happiness at Home.” The music was too perky for me, but it contained some good reminders for finding happiness and this quote made me laugh out loud, “Don’t believe everything you think.” Just a reminder that our thoughts generate a lot of our stress and we can change our thoughts.(Another powerful tool for reducing stress.)

My favorite guide so far, was Basta’s Balance Guide which has some relaxing music, pictures and good quotes.

With each guide you’ll notice a breathing monitor at the bottom that helps you to take nice deep, relaxing breaths which is one of the best ways to lower your stress.

So, look into this app if you’d like and please share your best methods for reducing stress here.

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