ISnoopy don’t know about you but my kids find it hard to relate to pilgrims. With Wi-Fi, smart phones, apps, microwaves, cars and jet planes, it’s a little hard for them to relate to foraging for food for days, living off the land and sewing their own clothes.

In fact, Thanksgiving may be their least favorite holiday so I try to focus on the thanks in Thanksgiving and make it a day to take stock of our blessings and spend time with those we love.

Here are a few fun ideas for helping your kids share their gratitude and thankfulness:

  1. A thankfulness tablecloth. To make: Purchase a light-colored tablecloth and fabric markers. Wash the tablecloth and iron it before using. Invite your kids and every guest to write several things that they’re thankful for. Let the kids decorate the tablecloth with others creative ideas they have.
  2. A Thankfulness turkey. This is a darling idea if you have a little time to create a turkey out of paper plates, construction paper and a toilet paper roll. Kids write something that they’re grateful for on each of the turkey’s feathers.
  3. Thankfulness place cards. This idea comes from the Family Education Network: Have your kids create place cards for each guest. Fold a small piece of tag board in half. Have your child write on each place card: “We’re thankful for you because…” Place a Thanksgiving sticker on each place card along with the name of the guest.
  4. A blessing, prayer or poem. Either have your kids write a poem, blessing or prayer or if you’re comfortable, let them search the internet to find one that speaks to them and have them recite it at the start of the Thanksgiving meal.
  5. Placemats: Using oversize construction paper in fall colors have your kids decorate each paper with words of thankfulness and drawings. Cover each sheet with clear contact paper to they can be used as Thanksgiving placemats year-to-year.
  6. Incredible crafts. If you’re crafty, there are 32 adorable crafts here:

And by the way, I’m thankful that you’re part of my community!

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