“Toni, you’ve made us a much happier family…”camilla“I contacted Toni because I knew I needed to make a change in my parenting and felt like we weren’t a happy family.   Toni helped me find confidence in my parenting skills and taught me how to work with my childrens’  temperament instead of against it.I enjoy my children so much more and know I can handle any situation that comes along.  I keep raving to people how helpful this has been. Toni, you have made us a much happier family.”
– Camilla Crosby, mother of three, Farmington, MN


“The yelling and screaming have been reduced drastically…”“Working with you to ‘refine’ our parenting skills was one of the best decisions my husband and I made.  Over a few months’ time we were able to reduce the stress levels at home and actually start enjoying the quality time we were spending with our kids.  The yelling and screaming have been reduced drastically!  Working with you has given us the confidence to be strong and help our children grow into respectable, kind, loving and confident adults.  The subject matter that you teach is very hands on and actionable from day one; it gives parents the kind of motivation they need in order to make the necessary changes in their behavior as well as that of their children.  As we all know our children tend to model what they see/hear!”
– Angie Hoyt, mother of three, Marysville, Ohio


chris-and-chrissy“My heart’s bursting with happiness and I feel so much more hopeful now…”“I’m so glad that we’ve been working with you. It has made an amazing difference, a total 180 degree change. You’ve made a huge difference helping is understand how to work together, understand his temperament and set family rules. Our son is calmer now and managing his emotions so much better and thriving during transitions. My heart’s bursting with happiness and I feel so much more hopeful now.”
– Chrissy and Chris Peplinski


“Home life turned around 180 degrees…”“Working with Toni Schutta was a great experience for me. We had eight sessions and we met by telephone. I have two girls and one with ADHD and our home life turned around 180 degrees. In the beginning I felt hopeless and anxious and in the end I had so much confidence and I was getting along with both of my girls beautifully. Thank you isn’t enough!”
– Brielle Stoyke, mother of two girls, ages 7 and 3, St. Paul, MN


tiffany“Anger Outbursts have been reduced from 30 minutes to 30 seconds…”“Last year we were not in a good place. We were spiraling and stressed out. I am so thankful that we were able to work with you as our parent coach. We are in an entirely different place now. We understand our daughter’s temperament better now and respond in a much better way We understand her anger triggers now, and our own, and respond in a calmer manner. As a result, her anger outbursts have been reduced from 30-40 minutes in length to 30 seconds. We get out the door in the morning in half the time.Our kids are listening the first time. Our son is so much more independent now when he does his homework and this, too, has saved us tons of time. As parents, we work together as a team supporting each other. We have developed skills to balance work and family. We are all calmer and happier as a result.”
– Jim and Tiffany Armas, parents of a 4th grader and 2nd grader, Rosemount,MN


“We haven’t yelled in months…”“We cannot even express the gratitude that we feel. Our family life has changed dramatically. Our daughter’s outbursts used to last several hours in length. Now it’s 5 min. or less. The frequency, duration, and intensity are all really dialed down and we don’t have the raging at all. We haven’t yelled in months. I had read about emotion coaching before but I wasn’t applying it well until we worked with Toni. For us, that made a world of difference. The positive discipline methods you taught is were where we always wanted to go but couldn’t seem to get there on our own. It’s a great relief for us as parents to be on the same page, using positive means, and being consistent. It has helped our family immeasurably to work with you.”
Kathy and Dan, parents of two girls


martha-hoeppner“My husband and I are working together more closely now & back each other up…”“Toni is awesome! Every parent could benefit from working with her! One of the benefits is that my husband and I are working together more closely now and we back each other up. I can now anticipate problems that may come up with the kids and get ahead of their game. The accountability was really key to our success, too.”
– Martha Hoeppner, mother of three, Minneapolis, MN


“Rachel is such a good listener now…”stevie“Thanks again for all you taught me! You would be amazed if you visited my house now compared to when we first worked together. Rachel is such a good listener now. She even says to me things like “Mommy, I listened the first time.”Bedtime is SO much better than before. I feel like I am more in control of my own outbursts than ever before as I recognize my triggers and now take steps to prevent the outbursts.I haven’t yelled at the kids in quite a while and it’s so much better for all of us! Thanks again for all you taught me through our sessions.”
– Stevie Borne, mother of two, Eagan, MN


“Remain more calm during the heat of battle…”“We feel great that we took this step to work with you. It’s helped us so much to feel that we have a plan and steps to take when issues occur in our home.  And feeling like we have a plan allows us (especially me!) to remain more calm during the heat of the battle.Some of the basic things…like special time with the kids…make such a difference, and you’ve helped us know where to put it on our priority list. THANK YOU!”
– Paul and Sarah Newman


“I didn’t think we could get results this quickly…”“Toni, your coaching has been really helpful. You’re skilled at what you do. It wasn’t always easy but you helped us work through it with accountability and follow through. I didn’t think we’d get results this quickly. Our bedtime issues have improved a lot. In fact, we met our goals. Thank you so much.”
– Susan Hansen and Tod Foley, parents of a toddler, Minneapolis, MN


“Most importantly, our kids are happier…”kevin-crosby“Working with Toni over the past few months has made me a better, happier parent and husband.  My kids are listening more, going to sleep better, and most importantly they are happier.  Through our discussions, I now feel like I have the skills to work with my kids’ temperaments instead of against it.  My words and actions are now helping my kids calm themselves instead of aggravating them.Toni provides a great environment where I never feel judged.  It was a concern of mine going in, but she’s just there to help.  I feel confident going forward that my wife and I are making lifelong improvements in our kids. For that, I can’t thank Toni enough.”
– Kevin Crosby, father of three, Farmington, MN


“Toni’s one-on-one coaching helped me identify and achieve my parenting goals. Toni mapped out solutions to my major parenting concerns–sibling rivalry, listening the first time, shouting, fighting–and gave me steps and benchmarks to measure my success.  Within our first meeting I was sure I could make the positive changes for my family that I wanted.Toni’s audio classes and written material were practical and easy to follow.  Toni would cover several approaches allowing me to pick a few that I thought would work for me.  I would put my favorites to use and would see immediate results with my kids!Toni always made herself available either through e-mail or phone. I felt like I could reach out if I needed reassurance on how I was applying a method or if I needed a confidence-boost.Toni taught me parenting skills and positive discipline methods that I can draw from and use for many years to come. I am happier and so are my kids.  Thank you, Toni!”
– Jill, a mother of a 9-year old and a 7-year old.


dee-and-mike“Experience success in gaining compliance, and reducing backtalk, and whining…”“Before we began working with Toni we struggled with noncompliance, backtalk, and most importantly, the lack of a cohesive and consistent parenting approach with our two young children. Thanks to Toni, we’ve established a consistent, responsive, and effective parenting style that keeps us focused on what’s important to our family.The multiple tool sets she provided, coupled with an in-depth look at ours and our children’s temperaments, has helped us experience success in gaining compliance, and reducing backtalk, and whining; and, most significantly, we’re more emotionally connected to each other as a family as a result of the positive changes surrounding discipline.”
– Dee and Mike K.


“Hugely successful results…”erin“After working with you as our parenting coach for two months, I was thrilled to realize that I can now identify  with your ideal description of a parent: “Loving Parent who Disciplines Consistently, Sets Age-Appropriate Boundaries and High Expectations While Allowing for Exploration and Unique Development in a Supportive Manner.” No longer would I call myself a helicopter parent or a secondary parent.The space you gave my husband and I to clearly and positively address the challenges we were experiencing with our four year old while bringing a new baby into the family, the specific and practical strategies you taught us and helped us to consistently implement with hugely successful results, and the structured and compassionate way in which you guided us with your skillful coaching, will all stay with us as we continue to learn and grow as parents of our children. Thank you for all that you do and all that you share with the world!”
– Erin Owen, newly enlightened parent of Ian (age 4 1/2) and Miles (age 6 months), Philadelphia, PA


“My kids do what their supposed to now…”“When I called Toni, I was at the end of my rope.  Toni gave me practical ideas I could use with my children immediately.  I felt Toni really listened to my concerns and together we came up with a plan that worked for my family.  My kids do what their supposed to now and mornings are a lot less stressful thanks to Toni!!!”
– Trish Pitcher, mother of two, Hudson, WI.


laura-hudson“Toni helped me change how we were doing things so our kids could shine…”“Finding Toni was a blessing in my family’s life. My husband was deployed overseas for a military tour and being a “single” parent of 3 under the age of 4 was stressful and scary. Toni not only had great ideas and advice she worked with me on how to make those things work for our situation and our family values. I have been blessed with fantastic kids and Toni helped me change how we were doing things so our kids could shine. My husband listened to Toni’s MP3s during the deployment and we could discuss the topics. The best part is that when my husband came home we were able to transition and welcome him back into the fold with minimal upset and conflict. Everyone’s now on the same page about behavior expectations and how issues are handled. Let’s face it kids are kids and there will be tough days as a parent but I felt I could be doing better for my family and my kids, and with Toni’s help I can now say I am.”
– Laura Hudson, Mother of 3, Elk River, MN


“Our family is having more fun…”“Everything covered in this program was useful! I particularly like the real-life experiences that were shared. I feel more confident in approaching tough parenting choices, our family is having more fun and I’m regularly using new ways to show my family that I love them. We’ve had a reduction in whining, my daughter has fewer meltdowns and we do not hear an automatic “no” to our requests anymore, which is good!”
– Marcie Meyer, Mpls., MN


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