My father was a man of few words. He drove me to school in the morning for 12 years and I can only recall a handful of conversations we had in roughly 2500 car rides together.

One thing my father felt very strongly about, though, was hard work. He worked six days a week as an owner of a hardware store and was extremely handy around the house.

The one phrase that my father repeatedly said was, “Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today.”

In honor of Father’s Day this month, I’d love to have you share advice that your father passed along to you.

Do you find yourself giving this same advice to your kids?

I don’t!

I think I heard, “Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today” one too many times! My father often put work before pleasure and I prefer to have a little more pleasure than work in my life!

Please share the best advice your father ever gave you!

Best wishes for all of the wonderful fathers in this world for a Happy Father’s Day!!

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