Connie Britton as Tammy Taylor in Friday Night Lights

Connie Britton as Tammy Taylor in Friday Night Lights

With Mother’s Day upon us, I thought it might be fun to share who our favorite TV moms are? Clair Huxtable from the Cosby Show has consistently ranked in the top 10 favorites over the years and who could argue with that? Clair was a strong but loving mom with a great sense of humor who understood her children well and yet held them accountable for their behavior. June Cleaver, from the Leave it to Beaver series, still ranks highly.

My personal favorite is Tammy Taylor (played by Connie Britton) from the Friday Night Lights series.

I loved Tammy’s character because her struggles to keep her family strong seemed so real. Tammy is the wife of a football coach who makes it a priority to have a close, supportive relationship with her husband. I appreciate that they demonstrated this love and mutual admiration on a TV show. The couple talked about everything and although they disagreed sometimes there was always respect for one another.

Tammy had a teenage daughter on the show. Tammy loved and adored her daughter. Yet, she struggled to find the fine line between being a mom her daughter could confide in and still be the parent who has to enforce the rules. Tammy also tried to find the balance between supporting her daughter’s independence while trying to keep her safe. She welcomed the opportunity to connect and listen to her daughter. No subject was too hard to handle.Throughout it all, Tammy was there with open arms to accept her child no matter what choices she made. Her daughter knew the depth of her love.

Tell us who your favorite TV mom is below! Hope you have a fabulous Mother’s Day!

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