Give Me Just 3-minutes and I’ll Show You 3 Essential Strategies for Getting Your Child to Listen the FIRST Time so You Can Yell Less and Have More Fun with Your Kids

This FREE Quick-Start Report, “3 Essential Strategies to Get Your Child to Listen the First Time” ($97 value), will help you:

  • Learn proven strategies to reduce defiance and gain more cooperation so you can confidently respond to misbehavior without raising your voice.
  • Transform sassiness and disrespect into polite, respectful conversations you can be proud of.
  • Find the best way to get on the same page with your spouse so you can stop arguing about the kids and work as a team.
  • Gain solutions for getting your kids off electronics in record time.



You’re going to love this free report, especially if you’re:

  • Snapping & yelling when the kids push your buttons and don’t do what they’ve been told.
  • Worn out from the daily battles.
  • Feeling stuck because you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work.
  • Arguing with your spouse about the best approach while the kids divide and conquer.
  • Exhausted by the constant back talk.

“I’ve helped thousands of parents just
like you solve their biggest parenting
challenges to create cooperative kids,
happier families & peaceful homes.”

stevie“Rachel is such a good listener now… Thanks again for all you taught me!”

“You would be amazed if you visited my house now compared to a year ago when we worked together. Rachel is such a good listener now. She even says to me things like “Mommy, I listened the first time.” Bedtime is SO much better than before. I feel like I am more in control of my own outbursts than ever before as I recognize my triggers and now take steps to prevent the outbursts. I haven’t yelled at the kids in quite a while and it’s so much better for all of us! Thanks again for all you taught me through our sessions.”

– Stevie Borne, mother of two, Eagan, MN


“Home life turned around 180 degrees…”

“Working with Toni Schutta was a great experience for me. We had eight sessions and we met by telephone. I have two girls and one with ADHD and our home life turned around 180 degrees. In the beginning I felt hopeless and anxious and in the end I had so much confidence and I was getting along with both of my girls beautifully. Thank you isn’t enough!”

– Brielle Stoyke, mother of two girls, ages 3 and 7, St. Paul, MN


martha-hoeppner“My husband and I are working together more closely now & back each other up….”

“Toni is awesome! Every parent could benefit from working with her! One of the benefits is that my husband and I are working together more closely now and we back each other up. I can now anticipate problems that may come up with the kids and get ahead of their game. The accountability was really key to our success, too.”

– Martha Hoeppner, mother of three, Mpls., MN


Toni Schutta

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I look forward to sharing my best secrets with you to help you get your kids to listen.

Wishing You the Best,

Toni Schutta, M.A., L.P.
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