Welcome! I’m Toni Schutta, and I’ve been helping families for 22 years as a Parent Coach, Parenting Speaker and Licensed Psychologist.

As a Parent Coach I Can Help You Become a Better Parent by Teaching You Effective Parenting Skills that Work So Your Family Can Be Happier and More Peaceful

Parent Coach Toni

Toni Schutta: Parent Coach, Parenting Speaker and Creator of Successful Parent Education Programs that Help Solve the Biggest Parenting Challenges.

On a daily basis, I help parents, like you, find solutions that work to everyday challenges that you’re facing so your family can be happier.

I can help you learn how to get your kids to listen the first time 80-90% of the time, reduce back talk to zero, reduce yelling to once a week or less, create a positive discipline plan that works, get your kids to bed on time and complete homework and chores without a lot of hassle. Imagine what a difference that would make in your family.

There are three ways that I can help you be a better parent: through my private parent coaching, online parent education groups and by presenting parenting classes online or in-person to your group.

Parent Coach Who’s Helped Thousands of Families Become Happier and More Peaceful

I love my job as a Parent Coach because every day I get to help families like yours become happier. If you’re like the parents I work with, you love your kids deeply and are super-committed to being good parents but you’re stuck, struggling to find solutions on your own and maybe you’re unhappy.

I’ve helped thousands of families learn effective parenting skills with my proven system. Within 6-9 weeks you’ll gain the solutions you need to become a better parent. Your family life will improve tenfold because your kids are listening, you’re not yelling anymore, and you’re on the same page with your spouse. You can relax and have more fun together as a family. Your family will be calmer and you’ll be happier.

“Our family is more peaceful…”

“Our family has been transformed. The #1 benefit is that our family is more peaceful. Before, we disagreed on many parenting issues and our son was able to divide and conquer. But now, as parents, we have the same goals, we’re using the same discipline methods and we’re more in-tune with each other. We have a team approach. This has helped our son because now we’re 95% consistent on the things that matter most to us. We’ve become closer as a couple, too. Before we would yell at our son, he would yell back and we would yell louder. It was a vicious cycle that we’ve now broken. Even his preschool teachers have noted a big difference in his behavior. We now have less guilt and less stress in our home and we’re having more fun as a family.” Jenna and Sean Mangold, parents of two, WI.

Private Parent Coach for 12 Years Based in Mpls./St. Paul Who Can Work With You Via Teleconference from Anywhere in the World

As a parent coach for the last 12 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of highly motivated parents who work hard to make positive changes so they don’t have to yell, they’re closer to their kids (and to their spouse) and they handle challenging behaviors with confidence because they have a positive parenting plan to follow.

In the beginning I can hear their pain. Nothing is more important to them than their kids but they’re not happy. They want to be a better mom or dad because no job is more important but that success and happiness is eluding them because they just can’t see the blind spots and can’t move through it. They don’t need therapy. They just want a parenting expert to help them learn effective parenting skills that work so they aren’t blindly trying (and failing) to have a happy family. It’s wonderful to know that I have parenting tools that can help them move through this pain to greater happiness.

Not only have I helped thousands of parents over the years get the results they crave but I know the strategies work because I use the same strategies on a daily basis with our two daughters, too. Once in a while, I also use the skills on our pets, Teddy and Lily, too.

Although I live in the Mpls./St. Paul area, all of my parent coaching is done by teleconference so I can work with you no matter where you live at a time that’s convenient for you.

“Every parent could benefit from a program such as yours …”

“I really can’t tell you how much working with you has changed our family for the better- it’s been priceless. I, honestly, think every parent could benefit from a program such as yours. Getting out the door in the morning has been an incredible change. It was always a constant struggle to get our daughter out of bed, dressed, hair and teeth brushed, socks and shoes on, and backpack in tow. With your help we created a physical map to our morning which means we get out the door on time and I can start my work day feeling calm. The coaching process helped us understand our daughter’s temperament and now we’re more prepared to respond to her and can even prevent some anger outbursts from occurring. The duration of her outbursts has decreased dramatically and we feel more confident in how we handle them. We’re now using positive discipline methods that work, we consistently follow through, and the best part is that my husband and I are now on the same page. I can’t even remember the last time we yelled.” Sylvia Barbagallo, mother of two, St. Paul , MN


“Home life turned around 180 degrees…”

“Working with Toni Schutta was a great experience for me. We had eight sessions and we met by telephone. I have two girls and one with ADHD and our home life turned around 180 degrees. In the beginning I felt hopeless and anxious and in the end I had so much confidence and I was getting along with both of my girls beautifully. Thank you isn’t enough!” Brielle Stoyke, mother of two girls, St. Paul, MN

Parent Education Programs for You

I have two main parent education programs that can help you become a better parent and learn positive and effective parenting skills that work to solve your biggest parenting challenges.

The first program is called, “How to Get Your Kids to Listen the First Time Now and Forevermore.” This is a group coaching program offered several times per year and it’s six weeks long. You’ll learn how to get your kids to listen, get rid of back talk and whining and create an effective discipline plan using positive discipline strategies.

The other parent education program is called, “Peace at Home: 5 Easy Steps to Stop the Yelling, Arguing and Fighting in Your Family.” I work as your private parent coach and personally guide you to get your kids to listen the first time up to 90% of the time, reduce yelling to once a week or less, learn how to calm an angry child, create an effective discipline plan that works, become an emotion coach parent and get rid of back talk and whining.

I also have 28 topics that I can present as a parenting speaker to your group.

Toni’s Parent Education Programs Featured Nationally

The parenting programs that I offer have been featured in Parents, Woman’s World, First for Women, MN Parent and on network newscasts. The Mpls. Star Tribune called me “Cyber-Nanny” because I help parents across the country solve their biggest parenting challenges by telephone at a time that’s convenient for you. No travel is necessary. No rush hour. No baby-sitters needed.

“We are no longer physically and mentally exhausted…”

“A million thanks to you, Toni. The Peace at Home program was great. All your real-life tips, classes, PPT handouts and specific advice tailored to our family brought us to a place we couldn’t get to on our own. We’ve had a dramatic reduction in yelling in our family and we now approach our kids more calmly. We now have appropriate consequences, the kids know the rules, and their behavior has improved so much. It really helped to learn about temperament. This caused an important shift in our parenting. We are no longer physically and mentally exhausted. We have more energy to have fun with our kids.” Samantha and Chad Fuller, parents of two


“Our friends are now calling us for parenting advice!”

“We can’t thank you enough. Your program has been wonderful. Toni was awesome at catering our sessions to what our kids were doing and coming up with options and solutions for us. This was really, really, helpful. We now have a lot of tools at our disposal and they have become part of our daily life now. We have what we need to be good parents and raise our kids the way we want to. We’re now on the same page as parents and this has helped us all. An additional benefit was getting our son to sleep in his own bed. Now we all sleep better and also have time to ourselves each night. There are still challenging days but now we know how to handle them. Our friends are now calling us for parenting advice!” Stephanie and Greg Janasko, parents of two


Through my parent education programs and one-on-one private parent coaching I can help you achieve goals like these so your family can be happier and you can actually have fun with your kids rather than arguing with them or nagging.

It Feels Great When My Parent Coaching Clients Meet their Goals

I feel so great when my parent coaching clients meet their goals. Sometimes we cry happy tears and sometimes we pretend that we’re toasting champagne glasses to celebrate their accomplishments. Every day I know that I’m contributing to the world and to individual families because now parents can relax and enjoy the people they treasure the most… their kids and their spouse. It’s powerful stuff and I’m always honored when parents share their journey with me and we’re able to celebrate their success!

“We increased the kids listening to us the 1st time from 25% of the time up to 80%, which was our goal…”

“Before we worked with Toni one of our daughters would throw a fit until she got what she wanted. She wanted to control every situation. Sometimes her fits would last 45-minutes or even up to two hours. It was really stressful because we didn’t know how get them to stop. After working with Toni we have the tools we need to respond and help her to stay calm. Now we can go a week without a fit and we can help her so they don’t get out of hand. She feels better, we feel better and even her siblings feel better. We have a more peaceful and happy family. We increased the kids listening to us the 1st time from 25% of the time up to 80%, which was our goal and some weeks we even get compliance 100% of the time. We now know how to handle power struggles effectively, we’ve reduced our own yelling and we work together as a couple using positive discipline methods that work so we have a united front. The program was great. We feel we can handle whatever comes along and we’ve talked with many friends about how this has improved our family dynamics.” Steve and Angela Kokesh, parents of three

Nationally Recognized Parenting Speaker

In addition, I’m a sought-after parenting speaker with 28 topics that I present at corporations such as General Mills, Medtronic and 3M, as well as schools, religious and professional organizations. I would be happy to explore being a keynote speaker for your organization. A list of the topics I address can be found here: I speak in the Mpls./St. Paul area and travel nationally to present parent education classes.

Master’s Degree in Psychology

I should also mention that I have a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul specializing in children and families. I worked as a therapist with the toughest of the tough families for 10 years before shifting my focus to parent coaching in 2004. I’ve spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours gathering effective parenting skills that work with families so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting! I’ve already done that for you. The parent education programs that I provide give you practical solutions that work that you can use immediately with your kids.

Parenting Author, Radio Host

Toni Stchutta's book - 20 Great Ways to Raise Great KidsI’m the co-author of Parenting by Strengths: A Parent’s Guide for Challenging Situations. I also published 20 Great Ways to Raise Great Kids and On Overload? 28 Solutions to Help Moms Achieve Work Family Balance.

My book, 20 Great Ways to Raise Great Kids is a compilation of 20 of my favorite interviews from a radio show I hosted called Real Parents. Real Solutions. I had the good fortune of interviewing some of the top parenting experts in the country and I wanted to share their wisdom with you in my book. You can take a peek at the book here:

Next Steps

One of the ways that I can help you is by offering free resources such as my Quick Start Report, “3 Essential Strategies to Get Your Kids to Listen the First Time,” here: http:///

I also provide parents with the opportunity for a complimentary “Happier Family for You Coaching Session” so you can share your biggest parenting challenges and together, we’ll develop a next-step action plan to create a happier family for you. To apply, go to

I hope that you’ll join my parenting community so together, we can transform families so you and your children can experience extraordinary love, happiness and encouragement that will last a lifetime.