Attention Parents Who Want a Peaceful Family

Imagine if Your Kids Listened to You the First Time,
Back Talk Disappeared, You Stopped Yelling, and You Learned How to Magically Calm Your Kids When They’re Upset…

A Peaceful, Harmonious Family Can Be Yours
in 5 Simple, Easy-to-Follow Steps

Dear Parent:  If you’re fed up with your kids ignoring you, want to stop yelling, doubting your parenting abilities and arguing with your spouse about what to do…

Then, keep reading, because you can become a calm, confident parent who stops yelling, says things once and your child complies, has a plan that works for discipline so you and your spouse are on the same page backing each other up and has an easy to follow road map to help your kids calm down when they get upset.

Are you:

  • Stressed out from the daily battles?
  • Feeling guilty because you’re yelling at your kids?
  • At your wit’s end because you’ve tried everything and nothing works?

I understand. I’ve worked with thousands of parents who feel this way. There’s no need to worry anymore. You’re in the right place.

ToniSchuttaHi. I’m Toni Schutta and as a parent coach and family therapist, I’ve helped thousands of families reduce yelling, arguing and fighting in their family. After 20 years of helping families, I have anger management down to a science. I’ve fine-tuned the process so there are just 5 simple steps to get major results that can transform your family into a happier, more peaceful family who has fun together. That’s why I love my job because I get to help families be happier!

The parenting programs I provide have been featured in Parents, MN Parent, the Star Tribune, First for Women, Woman’s World and on national TV and radio shows.

In the last 20 years, I’ve invested $30,000 to get my Master’s Degree in Psychology and spent another $70,000 attending 100s of expensive workshops so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting and lie awake at night wondering how to solve your biggest parenting challenges. I’ve already done the research for you.

You’ll gain in 5 easy steps what it’s taken me 20 years and $100,000 to refine. You’ll get the “need to know” strategies so you can get results fast. In fact, you’ll see dramatic differences.

You don’t get a lot of time with your kids, so let me give you solutions that work so you can focus on what’s important… showing your family you love them by spending your valuable time bonding in meaningful ways that create happy, lasting memories.

If you’re like many of the parents I meet you may be feeling…

  • Exhausted because the daily battles have sapped you dry
  • Sad because all this fighting is robbing you of the joys of parenting
  • Frustrated because you have to repeat yourself over and over
  • Fearful that if you don’t stop it now it’ll only get worse

Now, imagine a day when your kids listen, no one yells, you have fun together, genuinely connect, laugh, and all get along. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

BuildingBlocksThat’s why I created the “P.E.A.C.E. at Home: 5 Steps to Dramatically Reduce Yelling, Arguing and Fighting with Your Kids” parenting program.

Finally…  A Step-by-Step Program to Get Your Kids to Listen the First Time, Reduce Yelling, Use Effective Discipline Strategies and Give You Lasting Results with Proven Strategies that Work in Just  5 Steps.

With the “P.E.A.C.E. at Home: 5 Steps to Dramatically Reduce Yelling, Arguing and Fighting with Your Kids” parenting program you will:

  • Reduce your stress because your kids do things the first time you ask.
  • Change the way you communicate with your child so you don’t have to repeat yourself over and over.
  • Reduce your own yelling so you feel good about your parenting again.
  • Discover how to move through power struggles with ease. 
  • Prevent some of your kids’ anger outbursts.
  • Calm your kids within minutes when their anger erupts.
  • Create a discipline plan that works so you can have lasting results.
  • Reduce the strain in your marriage because you’re on the same page using effective strategies.
  • Feel closer to your child because you’re not yelling anymore.
  • Learn proven strategies to reduce defiance so you can calmly respond to misbehavior, without raising your voice.


Tracey“After working with Toni, I say things once and she complies. There’s no back talk and whining…”

“The best decision I made was when I reached out & asked for some help! The difference this program has made for my family is simply the most amazing gift – I am forever grateful!! Before working with Toni my daughter ran the show. It was so hard to get her to listen and I would repeat myself many times. I was really stressed. After working with Toni, I say things once and she complies. There’s no back talk and whining. She’s getting to bed on time and I have some time to myself each day.  Now, I’m less stressed and we’re a happier family. This program was fantastic! I have my daughter back. We help each other out now and work as a team. It’s the best thing ever. The accountability of this program was key. My daughter and I both thank you!”

Tracey Johnson, mom of one daughter, St. Paul, MN


” I rarely yell anymore and that feels wonderful! …”

“The biggest change has been in myself. I never thought of myself as an authoritarian parent before. What I learned was quite shocking and this one realization has made a huge, huge difference.  I rarely yell anymore and that feels wonderful!  I can’t remember the last time I heard back talk. Our daughter’s tantrums have been reduced from 30-35 min. in length to being almost nonexistent. I’m a lot calmer. The kids still fight some, but much less. We follow through with our family rules 90% of the time. Our family is a lot happier, I’m happier, and my daughter is so grateful.  I feel that your coaching has really changed our life at home.”

Amy Barfknecht, Mother of two, Lakeville, MN


Tiffany“Anger outbursts have been reduced from 30 minutes to 30 seconds…”

“Last year we were not in a good place. We were spiraling and stressed out. I am so thankful that we were able to work with you as our parent coach. We are in an entirely different place now. We understand our daughter’s temperament better now and respond in a much better way. We understand her anger triggers now, and our own, and respond in a calmer manner. As a result, her anger outbursts have been reduced from 30-40 minutes in length to 30 seconds. We get out the door in the morning in half the time. Our kids are listening the first time. As parents, we work together as a team supporting each other. We are all calmer and happier as a result.”

Jim and Tiffany Armas, parents of two, Rosemount, MN


Denise and Don“We’ve drastically reduced our own yelling…”

“It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the last two months. It’s great to see the results and great strides that we’ve made. Our kids are getting 60-90 minutes more sleep each night, mornings are much calmer now, the boys know the family rules, take us seriously now and respect us more. We have a much more peaceful home now. Earlier things that would have caused big blow-ups no longer do. We’ve drastically reduced our own yelling. We’re much calmer now and so are the boys. It’s made a world of difference. I loved the classes and the coaching sessions. Toni’s parent coaching kept us on task, focused and improved our communication as a couple. The resources were tremendous. We received so many great ideas from Toni. We’re thrilled with the results.”

Don and Denise Nelson, parents of two boys, Farmington, MN

The “P.E.A.C.E at Home: 5 Steps to Dramatically Reduce Yelling, Arguing and Fighting with Your Kids” Parenting Program
Will Transform You into a Calm, Confident,
Happier Parent Who Enjoys Your Kids More

Here Are the 5 Stages of this Proven Program

Module 1. Positively Divine Communication Strategies that get your kids to listen, reduce back talk, and increase respect.

Star“My child doesn’t listen to me” is the biggest parenting complaint that parents have. Perhaps you find yourself repeating yourself over and over again, then raising your voice in frustration because your child still hasn’t done what you’ve told them to do. It’s exhausting!

Sometimes you might even hear back talk. You know, that sassy tone of voice, rolling of the eyes and disrespectful language that kids can throw your way when you make a simple request like “sweep the floor please.”

When kids don’t do what they’re told it breeds disrespect, triggers your anger, frays your relationship with your child, creates a sense of entitlement, and allows your child to think s/he is in charge instead of you.

If you can get rid of this problem, you’ll reduce your own yelling significantly.

In the P.E.A.C.E. at Home program you’ll create a zero tolerance policy for back talk and receive 8 effective strategies you can choose from to get rid of your child’s disrespectful back talk.

You’ll also receive my “magical” strategies for getting your kids to listen the FIRST time that I’ve honed and tested with thousands of parents, who’ve all had success!

Best of all, you’ll gain so much energy back and have more time for fun because you aren’t hounding your kids to do simple things like brush their teeth, turn off the I-pad, or wash their hands for dinner!

Using our proven system you will:

  • Get your kids will listen the first time so you never have to repeat yourself.
  • Reduce your nagging by about 10,000 times in the next year (No kidding!).
  • Create a zero tolerance policy for back talk so you never have to hear it again. 
  • Learn effective strategies for getting rid of whining (a major parent irritant!).
  • Calmly communicate what needs to be done without negotiating, cajoling, or begging.

Stevie“Rachel is such a good listener now…

“You would be amazed if you visited my house now compared to a year ago when we worked together.  Rachel is such a good listener now.  She even says to me things like “Mommy, I listened the first time.” Bedtime is SO much better than before.  I feel like I am more in control of my own outbursts than ever before as I recognize my triggers and now take steps to prevent the outbursts.  I haven’t yelled at the kids in a long time and it’s so much better for all of us!  Thanks again for all you taught me through our sessions.”

Stevie Borne, mother of two, Eagan, MN


“Our kids are listening the first time 75-95% of the time which reduces our stress …”

“Parent coaching with Toni was very helpful. Our family is calmer now. Our daughter’s outbursts used to last anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours. We now have a calm down process to follow and it’s a big relief to know we can prevent some outbursts and others will stop in a few minutes. As parents we’ve reduced our own yelling to once a week or less and that feels great. A big change was working on our family rules. As parents we follow through 100% of the time and our kids are doing a great job following the rules. Certain times of day were very stressful before and they’re much better now because we have a plan. And our kids are listening the first time 75-95% of the time which reduces our stress, too. I’ve been recommending Toni to our friends.”

Nicole Baxter and Karl Heino, parents of two kids, Mpls., MN


Module 2. Effective Discipline Strategies that Work!

I always ask parents, “What types of discipline do you use?” The top three answers are:

1)    I give time outs.
2)    I take away things.
3)    I yell.

Then, I ask, “Is that effective?”

And oftentimes, parents will say, “No!” Besides, they feel negative so you’re less likely to use them.

PaintbyNumbersIf this sounds like you, then perhaps you’d like to learn 10 positive discipline methods that work. Better yet, how would you like to have a set of rules unique to your family all written down that you can follow like a paint-by-number kit so you know exactly what to do when your kids misbehave?

And guess what? Then, you and your spouse can be on the same page, show a united front, follow through, and be consistent 95% of the time (That’s the goal I want my clients to meet!)

In Module 2 you will:

  • Learn 10 positive discipline options so you don’t have to yell, take away things or give time outs.
  • Create your own unique family rules with a step-by-step plan.
  • Get on the same page with your spouse so you work as a team and have a united front.
  • Consistently respond to your child’s misbehavior so they learn to make good choices.
  • Involve your kids in the process so you get their buy in and cooperation.

Sylvia“The best part is that my husband and I are now on the same page…”

“I really can’t tell you how much working with you has changed our family for the better- it’s been priceless. I, honestly, think every parent could benefit from a program such as yours. Getting out the door in the morning has been an incredible change. It was always a constant struggle. With your help we created a physical map to our morning which means we get out the door on time and I can start my work day feeling calm. The coaching process helped us understand our daughter’s temperament and now we’re more prepared to respond to her and can even prevent some anger outbursts from occurring.  The duration of her outbursts has decreased dramatically and we feel more confident in how we handle them. We’re now using positive discipline methods that work, we consistently follow through, and the best part is that my husband and I are now on the same page. I can’t even remember the last time we yelled.”

Sylvia Barbagallo, mother of two, Mendota Heights, MN


Martha Hoeppner“My husband and I are working together more closely now & back each other up…”

“Toni is awesome! Every parent could benefit from working with her! One of the benefits is that my husband and I are working together more closely now and we back each other up. I can now anticipate problems that may come up with the kids and get ahead of their game. The accountability was really key to our success, too.”

Martha Hoeppner, mother of three, Minneapolis, MN


Module 3. Anger Management Made Easy.

CoinsHands down, the hardest skill to correct on your own is to learn how to manage your anger. Anger usually comes on in a flash and you’ve yelled before you know it!

Knowing what to do when your child is screaming, having a tantrum, hitting someone, or throwing things is also really tough.

Very few people have ever been taught how to handle anger in a healthy way so you’re not alone! And most parents feel downright helpless about what to do with a screaming child.

The material in this P.E.A.C.E. at Home module is worth its weight in gold. You will literally be able to write your own calm down map on an index card. And you’ll have an index card with the exact steps you can follow when your child gets mad, when your spouse gets mad, and when your 2nd child gets mad.

No kidding! It’s that easy. You’ll feel so great when you can gain the skills and the confidence to keep your cool with your kids and help them calm down BEFORE the explosion.

In this powerful module you will:

  • Create a calm down map so you don’t have to yell.
  • Reduce your own yelling to once a week or less.
  • Confidently handle your child’s anger.
  • Reduce the length and intensity of your child’s outbursts.
  • Get rid of all physical aggression. 
  • Stop some outbursts from even occurring.
  • Teach your kids a valuable life skill.

“The yelling and screaming have been reduced drastically…”

“Working with you to ‘refine’ our parenting skills was one of the best decisions my husband and I made.  Over a few months’ time we were able to reduce the stress levels at home and actually start enjoying the quality time we were spending with our kids.  The yelling and screaming have been reduced drastically!  Working with you has given us the confidence to be strong and help our children grow into respectable, kind, loving and confident adults.  The subject matter that you teach is very hands on and actionable from day one; it gives parents the kind of motivation they need in order to make the necessary changes in their behavior as well as that of their children.  As we all know our children tend to model what they see/hear!”

Angie Hoyt, mother of three, Marysville, Ohio


“Our daughter’s anger diminished significantly…”

“My husband and I felt like we needed to “walk on eggshells” to prevent anger outbursts from our 7-year old, so we contacted Toni.  Toni was a tremendous help!    The conversations with Toni and her audio resources were packed with information and we learned tons of practical tips that we could apply right away.   We learned so much about the dynamics in our family and how our parenting was affecting our two children. Having a “tool box” of methods to use allowed us to reduce yelling and negative responses to issues.  Our daughter’s anger diminished significantly, and we gained the skills and confidence to handle issues in a productive way.”

Sarah Newman, mother of two, Mahtomedi, MN


Module 4. Connect on a Deeper Level with Your Child.

MomandDaughterSometimes when there’s been a lot of arguing, fighting or yelling in your family, relationships can be frayed. Sometimes parents tell me they’d rather be at work than be at home. Or sometimes they tell me they love their child but they don’t like their child much anymore.

Nothing pains my heart more than to hear that parents and kids don’t feel emotionally connected.

If you don’t feel close to your kids and they don’t feel close to you, none of the parenting skills in the world are going to be effective.

In this module, you’ll learn the two best strategies that I know of to get close, and stay close, to your kids their whole life through, and what could be better than that? Isn’t that why we became parents anyway… so we could have a loving, nurturing, close, supportive family?

In Step 4 You’ll:

    • Learn the #1 strategy for staying close to your child their whole life.
    • Listen with your heart so your child feels understood.
    • Have more fun with your kids.
    • Work as a team.

Camilla“Toni, you’ve made us a much happier family…”

“I contacted Toni because I knew I needed to make a change in my parenting and felt like we weren’t a happy family.  Toni helped me find confidence in my parenting skills and taught me how to work with my childrens’  temperament instead of against it.  I enjoy my children so much more and know I can handle any situation that comes along.  I keep raving to people how helpful this has been.  Toni, you have made us a much happier family.”

Camilla Crosby, mother of three, Farmington, MN


“I’m regularly using new ways to show my family that I love them…”

“Everything covered in this program was useful! I particularly like the real-life experiences that were shared. I feel more confident in approaching tough parenting choices, our family is having more fun and I’m regularly using new ways to show my family that I love them. We’ve had a reduction in whining, my daughter has fewer meltdowns and we do not hear an automatic “no” to our requests anymore, which is good!”

Marcie Meyer, Mpls., MN


Module 5. End Power Struggles.

RolodexYou and your child can get locked into power struggles over the littlest things sometimes, right? It seems so trivial to you but yet it becomes a big deal to your child and soon enough you’re arguing and the argument is going nowhere fast. Your child doesn’t want to back down and neither do you.

Or maybe you say “no” to something your child wants to do and your child keeps bugging you and bugging you. So, sometimes you cave in just to silence your child.

Perhaps your child knows how to “push your buttons” and before you know it you’re locked into a power struggle which no one “wins.”

There are lots of reasons for power struggles, but what you need is solutions. Solutions that will work so you don’t end up arguing with your child over and over again. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, this module will help you gain more peace and quiet and reduce senseless arguments.

You’ve heard the phrase “pick your battles.” Well, this module will help you decide which battles to pick, provide you with a personal game plan to follow and give you communication strategies that you can use immediately to reduce ongoing power struggles.

You’ll also receive solutions to the top 5 power struggles.

In this stage you’ll:

    • Learn the most powerful tool for stopping power struggles.
    • Stop all the negotiating, begging and pleading from your child.
    • Know what battles to fight and what to let go of.
    • Find solutions to the top 5 power struggles.


So now you may be wondering, “Toni, EXACTLY
how are you going to teach me to…”

      • Get my kids to listen the first time.
      • Reduce my yelling to once a week or less.
      • Create an effective discipline plan that works.
      • Stop back talk.
      • Confidently calm my child’s anger.

… so that I can enjoy my kids more and have a peaceful family?

Valid question!

Here’s how the program works…

You’ll receive:

      • Eight weekly 60-minute webinars and group coaching calls with Toni where I will personally provide you with all the support, tools and knowledge to reduce arguing, yelling and fighting in your family so you get lasting results.
      • Seven skill building audios jam-packed with practical parenting strategies that work.
      • Seven guidebooks so you have a lasting record of all that you’ve learned.
      • A private members-only forum providing the accountability and support  you need to get results.
      • Recordings of all eight skill-building classes are yours forever so you can return to the concepts at any time for a refresher.
      • The convenience of online training. No need to drive anywhere. All classes are conducted by webinar so there’s no need to fight rush hour traffic, pay parking fees or hire a baby-sitter. We meet wherever you happen to be.
      • Two for the price of one! Both parents are welcome to join the program for the cost of just one admission.
      • Results so your family can be happier and more peaceful.

Additional Bonuses that You’ll Receive Immediately!

BONUS 1: The Special Report:  “Get Close, and Stay Close to Your Child with This No-Fail Strategy”

Special ReportThere are two strategies that will help you stay close to your child their whole life. This report will give you the 1st strategy and you’ll learn the 2nd one in our first module.

Nothing is more important than your bond with your child and this report will give you a practical strategy you can implement immediately.  Your kids are going to LOVE it!


BONUS 2: A 13-Point Checklist to Optimize Your Child’s Sleep

13PTChecklistThis is the simplest and quickest method for you to get to the bottom of what could be preventing your child from getting optimal sleep. It will take 5-minutes but could add hours to your child’s sleep.


BONUS 3: “Reduce Bedtime Hassles and Increase Sleep” Audio Class and Study Guide

ReduceBedtimeIn this powerful audio class you’re going to gain THE BEST strategies for increasing your child’s sleep. In just 60-minutes you’ll gain tips that could add hours to your child’s sleep.


BONUS 4: Temperament Assessments for You and Your Child

BullseyeIn just 5 minutes, you can take this quick assessment that can give you perspective on why there may be fireworks in your family that have been resistant to change.

Parents who come to understand their child’s temperament make the most progress and have lasting results.


BONUS 5: “Be a Better Parent by Understanding Your Child’s Temperament” Audio Class and Study Guide

PencilWhen parents hit a brick wall and can’t seem to get their child to cooperate, temperament is often the culprit. Get to the bottom of what could be holding you back from success with your child so you can learn strategies that work WITH your child’s temperament rather than against it! This class can save you YEARS of ongoing frustration!

If you follow our carefully-crafted, step-by-step parent education program  you’ll learn parenting skills that will last a lifetime, provide you a road map you can return to time and time again to help you with problems that arise and take the mystery out of parenting so you have a simple, effective, concrete plan to guide you.

But couldn’t  I just read a parenting book?

There are lots of great parenting books out there and you’ve probably read many of them.

If you’re like most parents, you buy the book, read half of it and then it sits on your night stand. Or you try some of the techniques and then you peter out.  Or you find that the solutions don’t really work for your kids.

In the P.E.A.C.E at Home Parenting Program you get expert parenting advice from a professional who’s worked with children and families for 20 years. I’ll support you, hold you accountable for making changes and help you find methods that work with YOUR kids so you get the results you crave.

What if I don’t have time now?

Your time with your kids is precious. They’ll be gone before you know it.

You can choose to spend time searching randomly on the internet for advice that may or may not be helpful. You can scour parenting books and examine professional journals.

Or you can spend 8 hours with an experienced professional to gain solutions that work from a proven system that’s been carefully crafted over the last 20 years.

The challenges you’ve been having are not magically going to go away on their own. In fact, every day that goes by, anger and defiance get more entrenched and your child loses more respect for you. Pretty soon this disrespect will seep out to other adults, too, if it hasn’t already.

Your child’s anger can also get more volatile and erupt in public if you don’t teach him or her how to keep calm at home. Then, it’s really embarrassing for you and your child and you have a bigger problem.

You don’t need to live in pain when solutions are available. Think of the time (and irritation) that you’ll save when you only have to say something once.  Your child will get the task done and you can move on to the next thing without all the drama.  You’ll get out the door faster in the morning, you’ll get to eat while the food is warm, and you’ll gain time for yourself when they go to bed without a struggle.

Plus, you’ll have so much more time for doing the things you love with your kids rather than yelling at them.

The time to act is now!

Sounds great.  But how much will it cost?

How much is your family’s happiness worth? Your family is the most important thing in the world to you and if you’re not happy when you’re with your kids, it’s devastating.

Parenting is the most important job you have. If you mess your kids up, it creates a lifetime of guilt and unhappiness. Do you want them to remember you yelling or giving them extraordinary love?

You may spend thousands of dollars on your kids’ activities or a play set yet isn’t the time they spend with you what counts the most? Are they going to remember the hockey equipment you bought them or the happy memories you created?

Parenting challenges can also cause marital problems. Divorce ends up a huge financial burden. Making an investment in learning effective parenting skills is invaluable, improving the happiness of all family members so you can feel closer to your spouse because you’re working together to create the family you always wanted.

How do I know it will work?

Every parent who has gone through the P.E.A.C.E at Home parenting program has been successful. I don’t work with just anyone, however. I work with educated, committed parents who take responsibility for their actions and are motivated to work hard to make changes that will make their family happier. If you’re that type of parent, I encourage you to sign up now. I want you to know that I also offer a 30-day Total Happiness Guarantee or you can have your investment back.


Satisfaction100% Total Happiness Guarantee or Your Money Back

My team and I are completely committed to you achieving amazing results – and getting results with this program that will exceed your investment.

That’s why I guarantee that this program works, and that you will get results when you do the work and implement my system.

In fact I’m so committed that you get the results that you want, if you implement my system and don’t see results, I will make sure that you get extra support from my team to help you create results. If you still don’t get results, I don’t deserve your money and I’ll happily refund you.

Important: We require that you submit your completed homework before we refund you. Because we know if you take action and apply the P.E.A.C.E at Home program, you will get results. And if you do the program assignments and you don’t see a return on your efforts, then let me know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll be happy to return your investment.

This program has generated breakthrough results for thousands of parents and I know it can do the same for you.

Reserve your spot now

What’s your family’s happiness worth?Would you invest $1,500? What about $1,200 if you knew that your family time together would happier? $997?  What if you would feel more confident as a parent knowing that you’re doing the right things and setting your kids up for success in life? What would that be worth?

And let’s not forget that your kids will be cooperating, respectful and responsible so you’ll have more energy instead of feeling drained and exhausted all the time.

You’ll also have more fun together rather than fighting useless power struggles.

No Risk Reservation Form

P.E.A.C.E at Home: 5 Steps to Dramatically Reduce Yelling, Arguing and Fighting with Your Kids” Group Coaching Program with Toni

CheckinBoxYes! Toni, I’m ready to get my kids to listen to me and reduce my yelling so our home is filled with calm, positive interactions, more fun and more laughter.”

To recap… By registering for the P.E.A.C.E at Home Parenting Program I know I will receive:

  • Eight 60-minute trainings and group coaching sessions with Toni to receive all the support, tools and knowledge to reduce yelling in your family.
  • Seven skill building audios jam-packed with practical strategies that work.
  • Seven guidebooks so you have a lasting record of all that you’ve learned.
  • A private forum providing the accountability and support  you need to get results.
  • Recordings of all eight skill-building classes are yours forever so you can return to the concepts at any time for a refresher.
  • The convenience of online training. No need to drive anywhere. All classes are conducted by webinar so there’s no need to fight rush hour traffic, pay parking fees or hire a baby-sitter. We meet wherever you happen to be.
  • Two for the price of one! Both parents are welcome to join the program for the cost of just one admission.

Get started right away with instant access to these bonus items.

1)    Special Report: “Get Close, and Stay Close to Your Child With This No-Fail Strategy”
2)    A 13-Point Checklist to Optimize Your Child’s Sleep
3)    “Reduce Bedtime Hassles and Increase Sleep” Audio Class and Study Guide
4)    Temperament Assessments for You and Your Child
5)    “Be a Better Parent by Understanding Your Child’s Temperament” Audio Class and Study Guide

PLUS, I know that I’m protected by Toni’s “Total Happiness” Guarantee.

 ($500 Off to the 1st 5 Parents who Sign up.)
$1097 $597

register_now“Plus, you must sign up by Mon., Jan. 26 at Midnight. Classes start on Tues., Jan. 27.

(This offer also includes a $500 discount to the 1st 5 Parents Who Sign Up.)

“Plus, you must sign up by Mon., Jan. 26 at Midnight. Classes start on Tues., Jan. 27.

(The second payment will be processed in 21 days.)

Rest easy – your order will be processed on secure servers.

So, are you ready to get started? Reserve your space TODAY so you can have a happier, more peaceful family within days. A $500 discount applies to the 1st 5 parents who reserve their spots, so please take advantage of this special offer now. Also, you want to get in before all the spots are gone.

Any Questions?

I welcome your calls or emails. Just let me know how I can help you reach a clear decision. There’s no pressure to enroll. Please contact me if you’re considering the Peace at Home Parenting Program and need more information.

I look forward to supporting you!





Toni Schutta, M.A., L.P., The Parent Coach Who Gets Results
Get Parenting Help Now
Where Peaceful, Happy Families are Possible

P.S. Let’s be honest. I’d love to help you get results but it’s your choice whether you join the program or not. What matters to me is that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you leave this page. Please don’t let this be one more thing that you need “to think about.” Nothing will prevent you from having a happier family faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO. Trust your gut and move forward. If YES, Reserve your spot now and learn my proven system for having a more peaceful, happy family.

P.P.S. Remember, the 1st 5 parents who register get a $500 off discount! Reserve your spot now

Ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions? 

Q. How exactly is the P.E.A.C.E. at Home program going to work?
A.  As soon as you register, you’ll receive an email with the bonuses so you can get started right away doing the pre-work.

Then you’re going to be invited to 8 LIVE training calls and coaching sessions.  Don’t worry, if you have to miss one of these live calls, you’ll still be able to gain all the valuable information from the recording and study guide sent to you within 24 hours of the live class.

Q. Will this work for me?

A. Let’s be honest. You have to participate. Obviously, if you don’t show up and learn the strategies, you won’t make progress. But, if you listen to all 8 classes, participate, and do your homework, you WILL get results.

I’ll be there taking you by the hand through my system, personally, to help you if you get stuck and need extra help. I’m confident in this program. And I’m confident that you’re going to learn everything you need to have a more peaceful family. That’s why you have my 30-Day 100% Total Happiness Guarantee. Are you interested in making this investment in your family? I’d love to work with you!

Q. I’m a little uncomfortable talking about my anger in a group setting. How will this be handled?

A. Such a good question! First of all, everyone in the group agrees to keep all information shared confidential. Secondly, there’s some reassurance that you’re not alone. Other parents yell at their kids, too. Thirdly, you can learn from other parents and they can learn from you by sharing struggles that you’re having. Guess what? Chances are that everyone in the group is in the same boat hoping to learn how to paddle to shore safely, too!

Q. I’m still a little nervous about the money.

A. I understand. I’ve been nervous before I invested in a program, too. The skills you learn in the P.E.A.C.E. at Home program will make you a better parent. You’ll use the strategies you’ll learn in the program until your kids leave for college. It’s an investment toward your kids’ future and an investment in having the happy, peaceful family you want. Frankly, I don’t know of a better investment you could make…

I want to make this as easy as possible for you to invest, for the 1st 5 parents who sign up I’m offering a fast-action scholarship of $500 (I like to reward fast-action-takers because they tend to be my very best students!)

Plus I’m even giving you the option of an easy installment plan (since I know money can be tight.)

Plus you’re protected by my “100% Total Happiness” Guarantee.  Reserve your spot now

One Last Reason to Join the Program Now

You’re the only person who can turn the unhappiness in your family around. Your kids are counting on you.

This is an investment that will bring returns for many years to come.

I’m here to help you, my  P.E.A.C.E. at Home program is ready to help you get results, and there’s a community of support available for you.

Now it’s up to you – to powerfully DECIDE that you will finally have a happy, peaceful family with the people you love the most in the world.

Reserve your spot now

I look forward to getting to know you better and to working together!


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What People Are Saying

“It’s much calmer which leads to everybody enjoying our time together more…”

“One of the challenges we faced before working with Toni was remaining calm during our kids’ meltdowns and helping our kids deal with their own meltdowns when they happened. Sadly, we weren’t able to communicate with any members of our family during this time. Something that should not have been a big deal could quickly turn into a bigger issue.

We started seeing results after the first session. However, the real results came a few weeks later when we were learning how to deal with our own anger. Once we figured out how to remain calm the rest of the family was a lot calmer as well.

Instead of having one or two meltdowns a day and walking on egg shells, our family now may have one meltdown a week and those don’t turn into major battles as they once would have.

The major improvement in our house is that it’s much calmer which leads to everybody enjoying our time together more.”

Bruce Whynott, father of two, Woodbury, MN


Chris and Chrissy“My heart’s bursting with happiness…”

“I’m so glad that we’ve been working with you. It has made an amazing difference, a total 180 degree change. You’ve made a huge difference helping us understand how to work together, understand his temperament and set family rules. Our son is calmer now and managing his emotions so much better and thriving during transitions. My heart’s bursting with happiness and I feel so much more hopeful now.”

Chrissy Peplinski, mother of a toddler, Plymouth , MN


“We used to have 14-21 “incidents” a week—either me raising my voice or my daughter resisting instructions. Now it’s down to 1-2 times per week…”

“My daughter and I were getting along well in general, but there were a few “hot spots” that I felt like we were spending too much time arguing about. I was raising my voice much more often than I felt was reasonable.

Mornings were often very stressful. I had a deadline to get out the door to get to work and my daughter would be dragging her feet, making us late. That was when I’d raise my voice the most often.

We were having lots of arguments about the computer/iPad. I was starting to feel like that’s all we talked about.

I started seeing results immediately after beginning work with Toni. I think that it was a combination of learning good tips, having a goal of not yelling in the forefront of my consciousness and the accountability. I implemented Toni’s ideas, (morning map, help with transitions, etc.) my daughter responded positively and I experienced a big drop in my “yelling triggers.” When I would find myself getting spun up and about to raise my voice, I thought “this is not the mom I want to be and (most of the time) that helped.”

We used to have 14-21 “incidents” a week—either me raising my voice or my daughter resisting instructions. Now it’s down to 1-2 times per week, which is a huge reduction.

My relationship with my daughter has improved and we have more fun together. My daughter seems more confident, probably because she’s not always worrying that I’m going to raise my voice!”

Lynn Carver, mother of one, St. Paul, MN.


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